How to use a shaver

How to use a shaver

Process of Removing hairs from different body parts named as shaving.Also it is daily or weekly gets done by men.How to use a shaver

Both men and women do this process to remove hair which is called shave. Shaving can be done on different body parts such as chest, hair, underarm, leg hair, abdominal hair, pubic hair,other any other body part.


Shaver is generally the tool or we can say equipment which is used for removing the hairs on different body parts for smoothing of skin and that is named as “shaver”.

There are no of shavers which are being used by the people for shaving propose like as Crtriedge shaver, electric shaver, injector shaver.

Different types of shaver

One can shave by use of shaver and there are various shavers available out in the market which are –

  1. Electric shaver
  2. Cartridge shaver
  3. Injector shaver
  4. Electric shaver
  5. Foil shaver
  6. Rotary shaver
  7. Disc shaver


Preparation for the shaving process include different steps starting from checking availability of agents to moisturizer. All the steps are explained below –

  • One must have to soak the body part in warm water.
  • Let the body part soak in it completely.
  • Then use some gel agents for softening purpose.
  • After shave moisturizer it.


  1. Make use of some lotion called pre-shave lotion.and evenly spread on a body part. (lotion used for softening purpose and also to reduces skin oil which causing interference to the skin)
  2. Ensure there is enough quantity of light where you stand in front of the mirror.
  3. Find out the direction of growth of hair only by the just rubbing hands on your face.
  4. To eliminating ceases to pull the shaver over the skin by putting one hand on the neck to tighten it.
  5. Place the shaver according to the position of a body part and at making it perfect right angle to moves or glides over the skin with short lengths. (shaver gets heats up if it will stay on for longer time)
  6. Move shaver up to face, pull the skin tight and moves over skin.
  7. After complete procedure uses small sized moisturizer or aftershave lotion where ever the dry skin occurred.

 Benefits of a shaver

  • Shaving done by shaver saves you much time as it is a time-consuming process.
  • Easy to shave by shaver.
  • It is more efficient.
  • Shaver can be used for closed shavings as compared to other methods as they do not cut hairs as closed.
  • Easy in operation.
  • More reliable.
  • Faster to operate.
  • One can easily handle it just by following instructions which are presents on the box of a shaver.

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Removing hairs is kind of lengthy process and consuming so much time. So,Shaving can be done by different kind od shaver saves much time.

With proper guidance/instructions, one can easily shave and removes hairs. the method, preparation has already noted down above making the process so easy.