How to use a rotary shaver

How to use a rotary shaver

Have you ever looked at the electric razor in your hands and think about how it works?

When you think about it, the electric razors are clever invention. Blades on the foil are enclosed behind a very thin sheet of foil.How to use a rotary shaver

The electric razor is excellent for cutting longer hair. Those men who do not shave daily and especially on weekends must use these razors.

For the first time user, rotary razor can create an irritation on skin.

There is some precaution to take while shaving:

  1. Do not use the razors directly on dry skin.
  2. Use shaving gels or cream before shaving.
  3. Rinse blades regularly after use.
  4. Clean your shaver regularly.
  5. Shave gently without applying power on your skin.
  6. Do some shaving experiments.
  7. Identify sensitive areas on your face.

The difference between rotary razor and electric razor:

Both razors result in very good performance but,have a different technology. Therotary razor is more suitable. It depends on type of facial hair and the daily routine.

How foil and rotary razors work:

The holes you can see in the foil, trapes the hairs. And allows the electric razor to shave much cleaner. People who shave every day, foil razor is a good option for them.

If you are looking for precision shaving like trimming, moustache, beard then foil electric razor is also useful for these.

Rotary razor has three circular blades which closely follows the contour of your face. Rotary razors make less noise than the foil shaver. The rotary razors are much better for following on outline of your face.

The benefit of the rotary razer is that it makes less noise as compare to foil razor. And alsomoves up, down, and in circular motion very easily and smoothly. If you are having a lot of straight hair, then you should prefer for rotary shaver. It gives a best result to you.

The rotary razor is very simple to use in difficult areas such as chin and the necks areas.

Which type of razor is useful for you:

If rotary razor is preferred then you must:

  • Have thick hair.
  • Not like louder buzzing.
  • Not use it on sensitive skins.
  • Have various direction of growth of facial hairs.
  • Have difficulties to shave on neck area.

If foil razoris preferred then you must:

  • Have fine facial hair.
  • Need to shave daily.
  • Require very close shave.
  • Shave on daily basis.
  • Have extremely straight facial hair growth.
  • Use it for precision shaving.

What brands of razor should you use?

The brand names of shavers such as Panasonic, PhilipsNorelco are known for their quality and the construction. They are easy to use, more durable, comfort and in budget.

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The conclusion for the rotary shavers is, it makes you comfortable for shaving. According to our choice any razor can be used for shaving. There are many brands which you can select it is completely your choices.