How to use a Philips norelco shaver

How to use a Philips norelco shaver

Norelco is known for electric shavers and other personal care products.which is manufactured by the Philips company which is American brand name.

Norelco stands for “North American Philips Company”.which is situated in united state of drop that name after some issues and started using “Phillips” name.How to use a Philips norelco shaver

From the year 1939, Philips started manufacturing and making this shaver .norecol was not useful til there two-headed model was not launched.

This shaver ensures and gives close trim. And it has some advantages as it is used by most of the women. It structures consist of head and body. In case any injury occurred do not use it to shave.

Different types of shaver

  • Cartridge Shaver – this kind of blades have more than one blade, also it includes a lubricating strip of glycol to supplement to already existing agents.
  • Injector Shaver – it has some arrangement that includes injecting of some fluid agent which will poke through holes as it presses against the skin used for softening purpose of skin.
  • Electric Shaver – electric( shaver or razor )made of a proper set of rotating blades. this shaver classified into subtypes likes in this foil, rotary, and Norelco shaver.

Norelco shavers

No recoil shaver was introduced by Phillips is generally for men and women.they made single-headed shaver which was not successful as much as double-headed till 1951.

In 2006 they introduced normal bodygroom shaver which is made for shaving the male body.

It is one of the worldsbest brands but their pricesare higher than other brands.while designing they have considered different issues as battery capacity,movement of the head,price ranges along with innovative technology.

Pros of Norelco shaver

  1. Offers a close shave.
  2. longer battery time.
  3. Operate in different speed settings.
  4. beard and stubble styler.
  5. Create the look you want.


  1. Too heavy to use.
  2. The problem ofthe battery.

Use of Norelco shaver

  1. First, wash off face to remove excess oil.
  2. Apply some layer of shaving cream.
  3. Press on the button to turn it on the shaver. Glides over the face and jawline in both motions (circular and straight)
  4. Press off button to switch it off the shaver again.
  5. Depending upon the model,open headcover to expose the blade.(It may have a separate covering or single covering)
  6. In case of a dry shaver, it is indicated that it is safe to rinse it with running water. Dip the blade in water for 15 seconds.

Types of Norelco shaver

  1. Phillips Norelco electric shaver 7500 for sensitive skin.
  2. Phillips Norelco 6100 electric shaver.
  3. Phillips Norelco 5100 electric shaver wet and dry.
  4. Phillips Norelco 8900 electric shaver.
  5. One blade hybrid electric trimmer and shaver.
  6. Phillips Norelco shaver 2100.

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Norelco shaver is a shaver used by men and women for shaving different body is flexible and having more blades in the head of the shaver.

There are so many types of Norelco shaver and it ha a special method for using it as it is described above.